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Friday 17th September

Read about life in Kingfisher class this week:

We have started learning about the Stone Age. We have borrowed a box of artefacts from the Potteries museum. It contains arrow heads, a hand axe and thumb knife from pre-historic times! We are also learning to identify types of rocks in science. In maths, Year 4s are learning how to round numbers and year 3s have been working with place value of 3 digit numbers.

We've enjoyed our street dance lesson today with Ms Abbotts. It's good fun!


We are working really well together and getting to know each other better as each day goes by. It's been a great start to a new year in Kingfishers!


Friday 24th September


We've had a great week in kingfishers. In art, we have enjoyed using paint to create the backgrounds for our cave painting topic! We have worked really hard at home researching about Stone Age animals and learnt a lot from each other. We were fantastic scientists, investigating erosion and permeability with practical science investigations this week. We have done lots of reading using books such as 'Stone Age Boy', 'The First Drawing' and 'Stig of the Dump' which are great ways to learn about Stone Age times too.

We had a visit from Mr Hodson to speak to the Year 4 children about life at Christ Church Academy and it was lovely to see Rueben and Cerys who have settled  well.



Friday 15th October


This week in dance we have done a Halloween dance to 'Ghostbusters song. In science, we have been learning about rocks and soils. Also in art, we have designed a Stone Age necklace. We've had lots of fun writing a recount of 'The First Drawing'.


by Charlotte and Isla

We have sorted all of the food bank donations in maths- sorting them by weight and capacity, ordering numbers on the packets and tins. We also grouped everything into fours and practised counting in fours. Then, when added the whole total together. We had over 300 items!!!



Friday 12th November

We've had a busy couple of weeks since half term in Kingfishers. We had a really enjoyable and useful wellbeing day last week to reinforce positive mental health and growth mindset approaches to our learning. This week we have joined in with 'Maths Weeks', participating in a fun workshop whilst learning about tessellation art. We have also been working hard collecting points in the Times Tables Rockstars competition called, 'England Rocks'. It is also the time of year when we prepare for Remembrance Sunday and learn about the history and tradition of it. Our class have painted poppies on rocks which are lining the path on the way into school. Please admire them on your way in to school. 

Next week, the children are excited about making their 'biscuit-henge' models!!

Lilly-Mai and Esther have shared their thoughts:

This week in Kingfishers we have been learning about Stonehenge and on Thursday it was about remembrance so we painted poppies onto rocks. In dance, we were doing a dance about remembrance and we performed as soldiers.

Mrs Scott was impressed! She said that it was beautiful to watch!