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Woodpeckers Blog

Welcome to our blog! 

Class 3- The Woodpeckers


Friday 27th September

Last week, we went to Hanley Potteries Museum. It was really fun! There was lots of interesting things to look at at the museum. We started to work on our zones this week, which is a times table activity that we will complete on a Friday. We can progress up to different levels the faster and more accurate that we become. Some of us received our pen licences this week (Isabelle, Charlie, Paige & Meaghan)

Hughie & Paige 


 Friday 13th September

This week, we have been learning about the meaning of prehistory, going back to the Stone Age. We learnt that people used spears to catch fish and people used bones to make tools. We figured that their lives were very different to ours and look forward to finding out more as the weeks go by.  We are looking forward to our trip to Hanley Museum on Monday. 

Lucy & Georgina 


Friday 6th September

The children have completed the first week in their new classroom. Already, we have discussed our class rules, homework, reading, the new behaviour traffic light system, our new topic 'Time Travellers' and so much more already. They have demonstrated a good ability to listen well and work hard so far. Well done to Hughie and Ava, who were voted in as school council members by their classmates. 

Mr Rammell